We increase the value


We carry out specific plans for management, execution and maintenance of the buildings from the time of purchase to their rehabilitation. Our professional team, with more than 500 operations performed, selects strategic assets and develops a customized strategy for rehabilitation with the sole aim of increasing the maximum possible value in the market in the short, medium and long-term.


To achieve this, we carry out specific actions:


  • Comprehensive Restorations
  • Architecture Management
  • Division of entities
  • Rooftop Transformation in usable spaces
  • Conversion of commercial spaces into parking lots


Through all strategies, MKPremium manages to increase the value of its buildings in Barcelona, ​​making small and large investments. We create spaces, enhance the lighting and ventilation of the buildings, and carry out maintenance work like damage repair and the installation of more efficient elements that increases energy savings.


We perform soil improvement, and make modifications to the buildings when necessary, taking into account energy consumption in order to improve thermal performance and optimize energy efficiency.


The current issues of climate change and the need to achieve sustainable development have created changes in social, economic, and business practices. MKPremium promotes greater involvement in creating a sustainable future because, here at the company, we understand the importance of such awareness within the framework of sustainable development. It is for this reason that MKPremium has commited to respecting the environment and practicing conservational awareness, understanding that, amongst other factors, the future is at stake.


Aware of the importance of protecting and caring for the environment and sustainability, MKPremium implements business practices in a way that optimizes natural resources and minimizes their global impact. To achieve this, MKPremium has an effective management system and all office supplies are purchased from socially responsible, eco-friendly manufacturers.”We see sustainability, both environmentally and socially, as a powerful way towards innovation and a crucial part of our growth strategies.”