Who we are

MKPremium is a real estate company specializing in the purchase of buildings in Barcelona, aiming to increase value through rehabilitation projects that have been adapted to each to promote their conservation.


Due to its great experience in the market and a committed team of trained and specialized professionals, MKPremium distinguishes itself through a high level of efficiency, a commitment to core values, and an ability to increase the value of properties.

What we do

MKPremium focuses its activity in Barcelona due to the cultural, financial, commercial and touristic significance of the city. Furthermore, Barcelona is an important destination for communication at both a national and international level. Barcelona offers residents and visitors the opportunity to delve into different eras of history, due to its characteristic architecture and urban structure.


It is for this reason that MKPremium selects different areas of Barcelona, giving us the opportunity to know the unique characteristics of each sector, in order to select the most strategic assets to invest in and develop through rehabilitation that will lead to an increase in the value of the different buildings.


MKPremium has a very clear and direct mission, and, therefore, implements effective strategies and utilizes resources to efficiently reach their goals. The main mission of MKPremium is to acquire, rehabilitate, and conserve the historical value of buildings located in different areas of Barcelona. We provide a well-trained team that is dedicated to making our goals a reality.



Practice environmentally sustainable business that will protect future generations

Distinguish ourselves

From our competitors in everything we do through a passion for working with discipline, speed and execution without error.

Trust and respect

Build personal relationships based on mutualtrust and respect by keeping an open mind and accepting various options, and working with professionalism and honesty.

Work ethics

Integrity and honesty, as well as strict compliance with applicable legislation and the principles, policies and standards of MKPremium.